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The LIT team has written and recorded a series of podcasts and related blogposts to share their innovative research outcomes. Find the links below to learn more about researched dryland wheat diversification strategies for the Inland PNW.


Replacing Summer Fallow with a Forage Crop with Kendall Kahl

View transcript (WSU podcast page)


Belowground Arthropod Communities & Soil Health with Dane Elmquist

View transcript (WSU podcast page)


Crop Modeling & Cover Cropping on the Palouse with Dr. Erin Brooks

View transcript (WSU podcast page)


Forage Cover Crops in Dryland Wheat Rotations

Impacts on Soil Water, Nitrogen and Yield
Authors: Kendall Kahl, U of I; Karie Boone, WSU; Erin Brooks, U of I

The Soil is Alive

Promoting Beneficial Soil Insects and Other Arthropods with Winter Peas
Authors: Karie Boone, WSU; Dane Elmquist, U of I

Profitability Decision Support Tool

Profitability Tool for Growers Considering Alternative Rotations in Dryland Systems
Author: Karie Boone, WSU; Clark Seavert, OSU