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Profitability Decision Tool

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Growers who are considering alternatives to fallow, such as legumes or forage crops, want to understand the impact on their bottom line, including impacts to the profitability of their main wheat crop. The purpose of the economic tool below is to assist growers in exploring financial impacts of a possible change to an alternative crop rotation. The Economic Model to Compare Crop Rotations is an excel spreadsheet tool that allows users to compare the whole-farm net returns of an alternative crop rotation, compared to their Business as Usual (BAU) rotation. To use the tool, download and open the excel spreadsheet and then click on the first instructional video from the list below.

Download Profitability Tool [1.1 MB]

Note: Each sheet in the excel file includes a link to an associated instructional video. These short videos are also all listed below.

Short Instructional Videos

Presenters: Karie Boone and Clark Seavert

1. Introduction

2. Tool Overview

3. Results

4. Farm and Rotation Setup

5. Crop Prices, Yields, and Seed Costs

6. Livestock

7. Chemical, Fertilizer, and Crop Insurance

8. Machinery

9. Field Applications

10. Custom Hires and Rented Equipment

11. Crop Budgets