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Spring 2020 Update

Video Presentations

LIT Intro Presentation

Presenter: Jodi Johnson-Maynard

LIT Profitability AgBizLogic

Presenter: Clark Seavert

LIT Insects and Weeds

Presenter: Sanford Eigenbrode

Greenhouse Gas Exchange for Business as Usual and Diversified Rotations

Presenter: Shelley Pressley

Measuring Greenhouse Gas Fluxes with an Automated Chamber System in an Agricultural Field

Presenter: Alicia Iwanicki

LIT Rotational Crop Yield, Nitrogen, and Water use

Presenter: Erin Brooks

Alternative cropping rotations impacts on soil Health in the inland Pacific Northwest

LIT Agronomy Report 2020

Presenter: Kurt Schroeder

LIT Food System Vulnerabilities

Presenter: Claire Friedrichsen