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Organizational Chart

Project Director


Steering Committee: PI's

      Food Supply Chain       

Stakeholder Advisory Committee:
(Growers, Industry, Extension)


Theme 1:

Biogeochemical components and climate vulnerability


Theme 2:

Potential adaptation and mitigation strategies


Theme 3:

Drivers, vulnerabilities, or resiliencies of the socio-economic system


Agroecosystem production factors:

Objective 1: Agronomic assessment (crop and soils) Schroeder, McGee, Burke, Eigenbrode, Johnson-Maynard, Huggins

Objective 2: Land use models: Nitrogen and water budgets, GHG emissions Brooks, Pressley, Huggins

Objective 3: Yields and profitability Schroeder, Seavert

Objective 4: Land use → weed, insect populations Eigenbrode, Burke


Objectives 5 & 6: Develop and disseminate a food chain matrix based on production factors (Objectives 1-4) Johnson-Maynard, Yorgey and Seavert with all PIs

Use models to identify adaptation and mitigation potential Seavert, Brooks, Stockle

Objective 7: Determine socio-economic and policy-related barriers to adaptation and mitigation and tools to overcome these barriers Seavert with all PIs

Objective 8: Provide a systems-based and resiliency thinking seminar Pressley and Johnson-Maynard with all PIs